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Refresher Lessons

If it is some time since you passed your test, but you feel you would benefit from some refresher driver training, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Cars need regular servicing and MOTs, so why shouldn’t drivers?

Maybe you are new to the area and find driving into new situations a daunting prospect, or are not confident on certain types of road such as motorways. Do you find yourself avoiding places you would like to visit because of the challenges on the way? Maybe you have had a recent scare or even accident on the road. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but if you make more than most or are concerned with any aspect of your driving then some additional assessment and training may do your skills, your confidence and other road users the world of good!  Contact Graham May School of Motoring today for an informal chat or to organise an assessment of your road skills. An individual driving course will then be designed specifically to your needs, strengthening your skills where required.

Motorway Lessons

If you have just passed your Practical Driving Test, the PassPlus course is an excellent way to gain motorway experience. However, if the Passplus is not for you, consider taking some individual motorway lessons to ensure you are fully able to cope with the rigorous demands of motorway driving.

Motorway lessons with Graham May School of Motoring will introduce you to the practical skills required for motorways, and allow you to practise and develop these skills with an expert guide by your side. All aspects of motorway driving will be covered, providing you with an excellent platform on which to begin to build your motorway experience.

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